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If you have a dream of living in the natural beauty of a handcrafted log home I can help you make that dream come true.

I've been building log homes since 1978. I purposely keep my business small so I can build each home personally, log by log, from beginning to end. That's what I love to do. It also keeps my prices competitive.


Handcrafting a log home is an art. It's demanding and time consuming. But I always feel proud in the rich presence of the finished product, knowing it will last for generations.

Bring your dream, your vision, and together we'll design the warm magic of your unique log home.




You are welcome to come and visit my building site where you can watch us precision fit and assemble each home. While you're here, if you like, we can visit finished log homes that I've built.

Call me and together we can make your log home dream a reality.

International Log Builders' Association Find us at DufferinTrades.ca Find us at GreyBruceTrades.ca